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Chaotic Celtic Bracelet:
This all started with a White Throated Sparrow found expired in the grass. After a suitable amount of time the buried skull was recovered, a mould made and a wax poured. While cleaning up the wax I started to embellish, play with, add to and all the while wondering what the hell was I doing spending so much time on it. I decided to carry on and push the piece as far as I could regardless of the huge amount of time required. After many hours the end result was a piece I could take and use in a variety of ways, the most successful application being this bracelet. It has 6 “Heads” and 6 hinge pieces which articulate very nicely when open but when closed lock into a very secure and solid bracelet . There is a split pin which has a locking catch on it as well. The two prongs on each head have corresponding holes which makes it stable and solid when closed.

Sterling Silver. It is 8 cm across and 1.8 wide.