La Tene pendant

La Tene Pendant

This pendant is an experiment in bi-metal casting with bronze and silver.

Tree Intrigue Pendant

Tree Intrigue Pendant
This pendant has separate pieces which can be rearranged to suit the wearer’s mood. The shape and symbols on the main central pendant are meant to represent a loose interpretation of trees being earth, mother earth, feminine and fertile. The crow head at the top is the upward flight of growth and the little newt symbol at the bottom is the connection to the ground, inside, soil, rooted.

The central relief image was made with a bisque fired clay stamp that was carved and modeled with a variety of small tools and the smaller vine leaf motifs on the upper sides were based an ancient Celtic design.

Jo's Pendant

Jo's Pendant
Three piece Pendant with fossilized Ammonite tripletes
18K gold, 4.5 cm long
This very lively piece changes colour when the light hits it at different angles which occurs often as it dangles on three jump rings.

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Clay Goddess Venus Necklace
Skeleton Guy Necklace

Using an assortment of my favorite handmade clay stamps these pendants are original, unique and one of a kind. These amulets are striking, spellbinding and provoke the primitive cabalistic and inherent spirituality within us all. They are a blend of both organic fossil-like images, symbols and cryptic designs with archaic forgotten glyphs all woven in various layers and patterns both familiar and chaotic.
They are all stained in earth tones and high fired.
The chord is waxed cotton.

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Crow's Head Pendant

I sculpted three different sizes of crow’s heads which have hematite or garnet beads for eyes. Some are 18K gold and have diamonds set in the forehead.

Moose Dreams necklace

Moose Dreams Pendant

This pendant is a result of trying out different techniques with various waxes and images and assembling them into this design. It features moose antlers, a crow head and a maple leaf.