A Bronze Sculpture of Harry Manx

Northern Ontario sculptor, Peter Sloan, has done it again, creating a stunningly beautiful, and highly detailed bronze sculpture of well known Canadian musician, Harry Manx. Crafted with skill and expertise over a period of three years, this piece is as spellbinding as Harry’s music. The hands and fingers are poised as in play, and one can almost hear the haunting mystical melodies, emanating from the exotic Mohan Veena slide guitar resting on Harry’s lap. While watching a DVD of Harry playing, the distinctive shape and character of his hands caught Peter’s eye. He thought “They would be a good subject for a sculpture”, then he thought, “Why not the whole Harry”? Harry agreed to the idea of a bronze and met for a photo shoot at photographer John Reeves’s studio in Toronto. Reeves is no stranger to snapping photos of musicians, and his extensive resume including many of the greats such as Oscar Peterson and Gordon Lightfoot.

After taking a multitude of reference shots from every conceivable angle, Peter headed down to the studio and slowly pulled it all together, carefully working out the proportions then meticulously sculpting in the detail. The process involves sculpting a perfect wax model from which the mould and all the waxes for the bronze castings are made. Harry observed that sculpting is rather like writing a song; it starts out rough and is slowly worked on and coaxed, sometimes with great effort, into its final polished form. The journey is half the battle, and when victory is won, it is very rewarding. This wonderful sculpture is limited to an edition of 12 plus two artist proofs and is $5900. CAD

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